Strength, confidence, power. Be alive. Be very alive.

Our approach is simple and effective. We train. Whether your interest is strength training, self defense, or both we are convinced that the person our training produces is stronger, more confident, and more powerful physically and mentally. Get under a bar with us or learn to punch something really, really hard and start becoming YOU 2.0.


Strength Workshop in St. Louis!

I’m excited to be able to bring Strength Training to Xtreme Krav Maga in my hometown of St. Louis. June 22nd at 10 AM I will be running an introductory strength workshop covering the how and why of strength training along with a workshop on the squat and deadlift. This workshop will be limited to 15 attendees so sign up… Read more →


The Deadlift

The deadlift is not difficult to learn or do correctly at all. It’s a pull from the floor that literally involves picking the weight up and putting it back down. Simple enough, but due probably to a lack of understanding of how the human body moves a heavy load off of the floor, you’ll see and hear all kinds of… Read more →


Contact Combat Institute Krav Maga

Krav Maga – Level 1 Curriculum The Contact Combat Institute Level 1 Curriculum prepares the trainee to execute an effective defense and counterattack against an untrained and/or uncommitted attacker. The trainee who passes testing for Level 1 will have demonstrated the ability to aggressively react to a threat, competently move and strike, confidently gain advantageous positioning, and fight effectively under… Read more →


Getting Up

There are a couple of drills I like to run in order to get people working through the eventuality of having to fight from the ground. ¬†Keep in mind that you’ll very rarely, if ever, go to the ground intentionally when under attack. ¬†Unfortunately, it’s not always up to you and due to any number of factors, you may find… Read more →